Bartosz Wiland


Faculty of English
Department of English-Polish Comparative Linguistics
Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
ul. Grunwaldzka 6, 60-780 Poznań, Poland
bwiland AT
(+48) 61 829 3772

Research interests

Comparative syntax and morphology (especially Western Slavic), Nanosyntax


Online papers

An externally headed relative clause analysis of reason clauses (with Y. Endo). In P. Tajsner & J. Witkoś, Word order matters, Berlin: Peter Lang (2022), 43–80.

Polish deadjectival nouns as nominalized adverbs. Studies in Polish Linguistics 16:4 (2021), 207–227.

Semelfactives are bigger than degree achievements (with L. Taraldsen Medová). Natural Language & Linguistic Theory 37:4 (2019), 1463–1513.

A note on lexicalizing ‘what’ and ‘who’ in Russian and in Polish. Poznań Studies in Contemporary Linguistics 54:4 (2018), 573–604.

Anti-freezing and peeling. Proceedings of NELS 48, Amherst, MA: GLSA Publications (2018), 235–244.

Ordering paradoxes in a cross-categorial paradigm: on syncretisms with the declarative complementizer. In P. Caha et al., The unpublished manuscript: A collection of LingBuzz papers to celebrate Michal Starke’s 50th birthday (2018), 127–147.

Functional sequence zones and Slavic L>T>N participles (with L. Taraldsen Medová). In L. Baunaz et al., Exploring Nanosyntax, New York: Oxford University Press (2018), 305–328.

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